Four and Five Year Olds

Lesson Time                 30 minutes/week

Practice Time               10-15 minutes/day (in 2 or 3 five minute sessions)

Books and Materials

  1. Tales of a Musical Journey (music and backing tracks on CD or download) for 4 and young 5
  2. Piano Safari Level 1 Curriculum Pack with CD, Repertoire Book  and CD for mature 5 and 1st grade
  3. Assignment notebook (provided)
  4. Metronome
  5. An iPad (or CD player or computer with iTunes) should be  available for students to listen to assigned pieces and play along.
Four year old student plays a piece
Four year old student practices piece


  1. Basic arm motions (drop, roll arm forward, lift), use of fingers, good posture, how to make beautiful sound.
  2. Rhythm skills are developed through listening, clapping, and marching.
  3. Rote pieces help students become comfortable playing the piano and moving around the keyboard without having to read music.
  4. Rudimentary reading pieces are introduced and explored.  Students learn and record several short pieces.
  5. Memorization based on analysis is introduced.
  6. Listening pieces are assigned for cultural as well as musical context.


Piano study for students of all ages