Why Take Piano Lessons?

The Top Ten Reasons to Study Piano

“A Steinway is a bridge between the mind and the soul.”

1.    To develop the habit of effective daily practice (focus, organizational and time management, long term goal setting,  attention to detail, consistent effort despite setbacks),

2.    To provide a foundation for learning other musical instruments,

3.    To develop and acquire performance skills, self presence, and self-awareness,

4.   To develop collaboration skills in duets and ensembles,

5.   To develop the whole body physical coordination necessary to move freely and create a wide range of sound colors,

6.   To express emotion or tell a story with music,

7.   To understand the world (history and culture) through great music literature in all genres,

8.   To connect with others,

9.   To become a profound listener,

10.  Because “Without music, life would be a mistake” (Friederich Nietzsche).

Why Study Music Welcome Speech 2004

Piano study for students of all ages