High School

Lesson Time                              60 minutes/week

Practice Time                           @ 45- 60+ minutes/day

Books and Materials

  1. Royal Conservatory Series: Levels 7 – 10 (with CD) – Technique, Etudes, Repertoire,
  2. Duet and ensemble repertoire,
  3. Jazz and pop repertoire,
  4. Sonatas, concertos and other concert pieces,
  5. Practice assignment book provided,
  6. Metronome,
  7. An iPad (or computer or CD player).

Goals by the end of high school

  1. Learn and record 64+ measures of new music per month (1-2 pieces) of varying genres (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Contemporary),
  2. Play 1/2 hour solo or ensemble program,
  3. Participate in outside music activities (solo and ensemble contest, summer music programs, etc.),
  4. Play a complete concerto.

Piano study for students of all ages