Rates and Payment

  • 30 minutes                      $ 30
  • 45 minutes                      $ 45
  • 60 minutes                      $ 60

Payable by check, cash, or electronically via SquareCash (free) or PayPal (please add $2 service charge).  Payments are generally made weekly, or monthly in advance.

Other separate costs include music (@ $50-60/year), metronome (@ $25), a CD player or something to listen to CDs (and play along, if possible), a foot stool, adjustable bench or chair,  outside recital fees (@ $25), test fees for students interested in taking Royal Conservatory exams (@ $100).  Students may also find iPads or tablets helpful in lesson preparation (instructional videos for practice, apps for note learning, rhythm, ear training, etc.).


Piano study for students of all ages