Sitting at the Piano

Most students have to learn how to sit at the piano and, unfortunately, pianos aren’t designed for young students.  Benches have them sitting too low and there’s usually no foot rest so they don’t have a solid connection with the floor.  This leads to poor practice habits that become ingrained and have to be unlearned as they grow.  An adjustable bench and foot stool are essential investments and good posture (not stiff or held) during practice is necessary for developing good technique and beautiful sound.   Slouching is unacceptable, and even the youngest students usually have to learn to soften and breathe while sitting tall and getting their arms organized to learn appropriate gestures for playing.

Click here for an example of spectacular piano posture and hands.   It’s a recording of Martha Argerich playing the Schumann Concerto.

Click here for a second example, this time with a male pianist.   Andre Watts plays two Chopin Etudes.

Click here for an award-winning young jazz pianist (just in case you think that only classical musicians have good posture).

Even pop pianists have good posture – click here for an example.



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