Sept 10           Audition tapes due for Music Teachers Assc. Annual Competition

May 5              1PM – Student Recital:  Kerrytown Concert House

April 14          1PM – Fundraising Student Recital – Spring Fling:  Kerrytown

Mar 17            1PM – Student Recital:  Kerrytown Concert House

Feb 8                House Concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Chopin Preludes and Sonata

Jan 4                House Concert:  Emily Katynski plays Bach, Beethoven and Chopin


December       1 student passes Level 3 RCM with high honors.  2 students play in                                            ensemble recital at KCH.

October 28      11 students play in Halloween Hoot at KCH.

August  10       Summer Salon:  Joel Schoenhals plays Chopin.   5PM.

June                     Baroque theme semester completion.  T shirt raffle.

May 20              3 students play at the solo and ensemble recital at                                         KCH.  2 play Khatchaturian’s Masquerade Waltz, 1                                         plays a sonatina.

April 22            5 students play at the annual Spring Fling at KCH

Feb 2                   House concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Bach and                                              Brahms

January             Baroque “theme semester” listening and literature                                         project  begins.  Students “adopt” a piece for listening                                   and learning and do research on the surrounding time                                 period and arts.


Dec 3                  5 students play at the annual ensemble recital at KCH.                                 Musician parents accompany 2 students!

Oct 29               2 students play at Halloween Hoot (KCH).  One plays                                   an original composition!

July 29               House concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Bach and                                              Brahms

Apr 23                 12 students play at Spring Fling (KCH)

Mar 19               1 student plays at AAAPTG recital (KCH)

Feb 11                1 student plays at Sonatina Festival (Schoolcraft)


Dec 4                   1 student plays at AAAPTG Ensemble recital (KCH)

Dec 3                   1 student plays at Bach Festival (Schoolcraft)

Oct 30                 2 students play at Halloween Hoot recital (KCH)

July 31                House Concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Bach and                                             Brahms (5PM, here)

May 15              4 students play ensembles, Guild recital, KCH (1-2pm)

April 24            6 students play solos in Foundation Spring Fling                                                recital, KCH (1-2pm)

March 20          4 students play solos in Guild recital, KCH (1-2PM)

January 28       Seminar on Technology in Music Teaching (9:30 AM)

January 21        Teaching Trumps Technology:  The Artistry in Using                                              Gadgets and Apps  (Presentation for AAAPTG, 9:30                                        AM at KCH)

January 16         Beethoven Sonatas (House Concert with Joel                                                   Schoenhals, 4:30 PM)



May 16                 Beginner Program for Parents ( 3PM)

May 3                     Ensemble Concert:  Kerrytown Concert House                                                1-2 PM.  Rehearsals 4/25 and 5/2,

April 19                  Spring Fling Fundraising Concert, Kerrytown                                                     Concert House (1-2PM)

March 25             Gift of Art Performance:  Children’s Hospital                                                     4-6 PM, Mott Lobby.  Rehearsals 3/14 and 3/21.

March 22              May Phang Master Class, 1:30 – 3PM  (here)

Feb 20                    Master Class for selected students with Joel                                                    Schoenhals, Professor of Piano at EMU

January 31          Fall/Winter PracticeFest materials due (Calendars                                         and recordings of 8 pieces)

January 10           House Concert, 4PM:  Joel Schoenhals plays                                                       Beethoven Sonatas.


December 5        House Concert, 5:30 PM:  Senior Recital Dress                                                 Rehearsal for Dalal Yassawi (SMTD).  Brahms,                                                   Scriabin and Bach.

August 31             Summer PracticeFest materials due:  Calendars,                                              rhythm packets and theory books.  Prizes will be                                              announced later in September.

June 13-14           Norton Master Class and Student Pop Showcase                                               with live band (Athens, Ohio)

May 31, 1PM      ParentFest2 (students play for parents)

May 30, 5:30       Group Lesson for ParentFest performers

May 17, 2PM      ParentFest 1 (students play for parents)

May 9, 5:30          Group Lesson for ParentFest performers

May 13 – Jul 17   Sequencing class at Washtenaw Community College

April 30                    International Jazz Day

April 25 – 27        Royal Conservatory Assessments (Music School)

April 12                   House Concert for RC preparation (2-3PM)

Piano study for students of all ages