April 26          Royal Conservatory Exams (cancelled due to lockdown,                               will be conducted later this year online)

April 19          Spring Fling Spanish Festival (cancelled due to                                                  lockdown)

Apr 5 & 12    Online group performances in lieu of Spanish Festival                                   and exam performances

Mar 20           “A Night in Havana” house concert, Cuban piano music,                                 with  George Lopez, Bowdoin College (cancelled due to                               lockdown)

Jan 4                House concert with Joel Schoenhals, Schumann and                                      Schubert Fantasies.


Sept 21            House concert with Thor Sigurdson, 3 Bach                                                         Unaccompanied Cello Suites

Sept 10           Audition tapes due for Music Teachers Assc. Annual                                      Competition

May 5              1PM – Student Recital:  Kerrytown Concert House

April 14          1PM – Fundraising Student Recital – Spring Fling:  Kerrytown

Mar 17            1PM – Student Recital:  Kerrytown Concert House

Feb 8                House Concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Chopin Preludes and Sonata

Jan 4                House Concert:  Emily Katynski plays Bach, Beethoven and Chopin


December       1 student passes Level 3 RCM with high honors.  2 students play in                                            ensemble recital at KCH.

October 28      11 students play in Halloween Hoot at KCH.

August  10       Summer Salon:  Joel Schoenhals plays Chopin.   5PM.

June                     Baroque theme semester completion.  T shirt raffle.

May 20              3 students play at the solo and ensemble recital at                                         KCH.  2 play Khatchaturian’s Masquerade Waltz, 1                                         plays a sonatina.

April 22            5 students play at the annual Spring Fling at KCH

Feb 2                   House concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Bach and                                              Brahms

January             Baroque “theme semester” listening and literature                                         project  begins.  Students “adopt” a piece for listening                                   and learning and do research on the surrounding time                                 period and arts.


Dec 3                  5 students play at the annual ensemble recital at KCH.                                 Musician parents accompany 2 students!

Oct 29               2 students play at Halloween Hoot (KCH).  One plays                                   an original composition!

July 29               House concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Bach and                                              Brahms

Apr 23                 12 students play at Spring Fling (KCH)

Mar 19               1 student plays at AAAPTG recital (KCH)

Feb 11                1 student plays at Sonatina Festival (Schoolcraft)


Dec 4                   1 student plays at AAAPTG Ensemble recital (KCH)

Dec 3                   1 student plays at Bach Festival (Schoolcraft)

Oct 30                 2 students play at Halloween Hoot recital (KCH)

July 31                House Concert:  Joel Schoenhals plays Bach and                                             Brahms (5PM, here)

May 15              4 students play ensembles, Guild recital, KCH (1-2pm)

April 24            6 students play solos in Foundation Spring Fling                                                recital, KCH (1-2pm)

March 20          4 students play solos in Guild recital, KCH (1-2PM)

January 28       Seminar on Technology in Music Teaching (9:30 AM)

January 21        Teaching Trumps Technology:  The Artistry in Using                                              Gadgets and Apps  (Presentation for AAAPTG, 9:30                                        AM at KCH)

January 16         Beethoven Sonatas (House Concert with Joel                                                   Schoenhals, 4:30 PM)



May 16                 Beginner Program for Parents ( 3PM)

May 3                     Ensemble Concert:  Kerrytown Concert House                                                1-2 PM.  Rehearsals 4/25 and 5/2,

April 19                  Spring Fling Fundraising Concert, Kerrytown                                                     Concert House (1-2PM)

March 25             Gift of Art Performance:  Children’s Hospital                                                     4-6 PM, Mott Lobby.  Rehearsals 3/14 and 3/21.

March 22              May Phang Master Class, 1:30 – 3PM  (here)

Feb 20                    Master Class for selected students with Joel                                                    Schoenhals, Professor of Piano at EMU

January 31          Fall/Winter PracticeFest materials due (Calendars                                         and recordings of 8 pieces)

January 10           House Concert, 4PM:  Joel Schoenhals plays                                                       Beethoven Sonatas.


December 5        House Concert, 5:30 PM:  Senior Recital Dress                                                 Rehearsal for Dalal Yassawi (SMTD).  Brahms,                                                   Scriabin and Bach.

August 31             Summer PracticeFest materials due:  Calendars,                                              rhythm packets and theory books.  Prizes will be                                              announced later in September.

June 13-14           Norton Master Class and Student Pop Showcase                                               with live band (Athens, Ohio)

May 31, 1PM      ParentFest2 (students play for parents)

May 30, 5:30       Group Lesson for ParentFest performers

May 17, 2PM      ParentFest 1 (students play for parents)

May 9, 5:30          Group Lesson for ParentFest performers

May 13 – Jul 17   Sequencing class at Washtenaw Community College

April 30                    International Jazz Day

April 25 – 27        Royal Conservatory Assessments (Music School)

April 12                   House Concert for RC preparation (2-3PM)

Piano study for students of all ages