Upper Elementary

Lesson Time                              45 – 60 minutes/week

Practice Time                           @ 30 – 45 minutes/day

Books and Materials

  1. RCM Levels 3-5 (Technique, Aural Skills and Sight Reading, Etudes and Repertoire),
  2. Norton Microjazz Books 1-3,
  3. Other pieces assigned,
  4. A practice assignment book is provided for weekly assignments and should be brought to lessons.
  5. Metronome.
  6. An iPad (or CD player or computer) for listening and research.

Goals by the end of sixth gradeUpper El

  1. White key scales (2,3 and 4 octaves), four note tonics and inversions,  dominant 7th chords and inversions, arpeggios.
  2. Increasingly effective use of body, arms and hands in passage work and chords for wider range of sound.  Attention to music analysis, phrasing, memorization strategies.
  3. Increasing effectiveness of practice habits.
  4. Understanding of different styles of music literature and harmonic structures.
  5. Performance in group lessons, local recital opportunities, annual program for parents, formal assessments (if desired).  Duet performances.

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