Middle School

Lesson Time                              45 – 60 minutes/week

Practice Time                           @ 45-60 minutes/day

Books and Materials

  1. Royal Conservatory Series: Levels 6-8.  Technique, Etudes, Repertoire, Sight Reading, Theory, Aural Skills.
  2. Ensemble repertoire (piano duets, piano and other instruments),
  3. Jazz Piano Level 1 (for those interested),
  4. Practice assignment book provided,
  5. Metronome
  6. An iPad (or computer with iTunes, YouTube, or CD player)

Middle School duetGoals by the end of middle school

  1. Facility with major and minor scales,  4 note chords and arpeggios in all keys.
  2. Attention to gesture, phrasing, dynamics and articulation when learning new music.
  3. Understanding of basic differences in the main periods of music literature.
  4. Progress in listening and analytical skills through RCM Theory and Four Star materials.
  5. Performance in group lessons, local recital and competitive opportunities, and formal assessments (if desired),
  6. Ensemble participation when possible.

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