Performance Opportunities

 “The most humanitarian cause that we can give our  time to is the creation and performance of music. ”    Billy Joel

One of the reasons that we learn to play an instrument is to share the gift of music with others by telling a musical story or helping to create a certain mood from pieces that speak to us.  Music is how we celebrate and mark important occasions.  It brings people together and builds a sense of community.

Preparation for performance calls for skills above and beyond lesson preparation for all ages and levels of students.   Performance preparation becomes a key element of lessons when a program is planned, although performing is not required if either the student or family chooses to opt out.

The Annual Devonshire Piano ParentFest is an informal program where students select pieces that they’ve recently learned and play for other students and parents.  Preparation includes videotaping at lessons and 1-2 group lessons for students to practice performing for each other close to the program date.

The Ann Arbor schools offer talent shows and other opportunities for students to perform for their friends and families.

The Ann Arbor Piano Teacher’s Guild offers spring and fall recital opportunities for students, along with a scholarship competition to help with lesson costs.   These programs are usually held at Kerrytown Concert house near the Farmer’s Market.

Schoolcraft College offers a summer piano camp, along with a Bach Festival in the fall and a Sonatina Festival in February where students from the region perform and compete to play in an honors recital.

The Royal Conservatory Achievement Program offers students an opportunity to perform pieces which have been prepared and be evaluated by an independent adjudicator.  Points are awarded based on the performance and students who receive a passing score get a certificate.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp offers a 2 week summer program for students in grades 5-12.  Students from all over Michigan and the surrounding states take lessons, participate in supervised practice, attend concerts and much more.    Audition recording required.

Interlochen Summer Arts Camp offers 2 – 4 week summer programs for students in grades 3-12.   Students from all over the US and other countries attend for an intensive musical experience.   Audition recording required.

The Piano Academy (Schoolcraft College) Summer Program is a week-long day camp for students in the area.  Students attend private lessons, group classes which explore electronic music and composition, and prepare a piece for a formal recital on the last evening.

The Bulletproof Musician is a Website for older students that includes a blog by a Julliard musician on performance preparation.


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