Lower Elementary

Lower Elementary Student
Lower Elementary Student

Lesson Time                 30 – 45  minutes/week

Practice Time              @ 20-30 minutes/day

Books and Materials  (depends on student level and interests)

  1. Piano Safari Level 1 and 2.
  2. Christopher Norton Microjazz A and B.  
  3. Royal Conservatory: Preparatory, Level 1, & Level 2 Technique, Theory, Sight Reading, Etudes and Repertoire.
  4. Other supplemental music or duets may be suggested.
  5. A practice assignment book is provided and should be used in daily practice and brought to every lesson.
  6. Metronome.
  7. An iPad(or computer near piano with CD player or iTunes) available for listening and playing along is very helpful.

Elem2Goals for 3rd grade

  1. Facility with all major and minor pentascales,  triads and inversions, with a range of articulation, dynamics and tempi.  Begin work on 7 note scales.
  2. Learn and record 8-16 measures of new music per month.
  3. Steady progress in sight reading and theory workbooks.
  4. Effective practice habits and lesson preparation.
  5. Listening assignments completed regularly.
  6. Performance in group lessons, school programs, local recital opportunities and formal assessments (if desired).


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